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COVID-19 & General Safety Policies

Updated: Feb 19

Please see our up-to-date COVID & GENERAL SAFETY POLICIES below.

By attending a SoCal Creatures event, you are confirming that you read, understand, and will abide by everything in this document.

Looking for more guidance for your first mosh? Check out our FAQ Page: https://www.socalcreatures.com/faq


Even though we are taking every precaution to make sure that this event is safe for our community, please understand that public gatherings, even fully vaccinated ones, involve a higher risk than virtual encounters. Pet play moshes in particular pose an even higher risk than a typical play party, given the potentially high-contact and household-mixing nature of the open mosh space, where play occurs in groups. This is the reason behind our strict safety guidelines - we feel they are unfortunately necessary at this time in order to facilitate an event that we believe is safe. Still, we encourage you to attend at your own risk level.

  • REQUIRED: Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination ( >2 weeks after one Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or two Pfizer/Moderna vaccines).

  • REQUIRED: Proof of Booster Shot OR Negative PCR test in the last 3 days OR Negative rapid test in the last 24 hours.

  • VAX PROOF METHODS: You may show a vaccination card (physical or picture) or email. Your legal name must be displayed to match your ticket or ID. This information will be handled discretely and not copied, kept, or shared.

  • RECOMMENDED: PCR or rapid test even if you are vaccinated with a booster shot.

  • REQUIRED: N95 or surgical masks worn while indoors. We have spare surgical masks on site.

  • SNACKS: We will have contact-safe snacks and water in our Outdoor Kitchen. We recommend bringing your own food and water as well, and not sharing between households.

  • SWEATING: If sweating excessively in our Open Mosh Area, you will need to stop, clean any droplets, and take a break.

  • We will have stations with hand sanitizer, nitrile (non-latex) gloves, masks, and antibacterial wipes in every room. You are also encouraged to wash your hands regularly in the bathroom.


  • We have a first aid kit on site.

  • We have Dungeon Monitors to ensure that positive consent practices are being observed, rules are followed, and that no one is harmed at our event. Please speak to them if you have any problems, as well as before engaging in an edge play scene in the private rooms.

  • Our Open Mosh Area is fully covered with protective mats. Still, we recommend that pets who play on all fours wear protective gear (padded mitts/gloves, knee pads) to prevent injury.

  • Please don't wear anything that could get caught, damaged, or hurt someone else. This typically includes anything with sharp spikes, lots of zippers, or loose heavy chains. 1/4in or under is ideal for studs. If you have spikes on your hood, wear with caution or consider taking it off during active play.

  • Watches, belts, and jewelry can get caught - body jewelry can be protected with medical tape.

  • Latex, rubber, and even neoprene bodysuits can cause excessive sweating and overheating. Wrestling singlets, spandex, shorts, jockstraps, and sports bras are all good options.

  • At our mosh, you CAN be naked! But be sure to negotiate touch and accidental contact that could occur during active play.

  • Make your Handler and/or the mosh staff aware of any medical conditions, injuries, or health concerns that could affect your play. If you take medication, have an inhaler, an EpiPen, or anything else, give it to your Handler or a member of the mosh staff so someone has it for you if it is needed.

  • If you or your Handler notice you are bleeding or injured, please stop moshing and notify a Dungeon Monitor or other member of staff. If you need further care, we will call you an ambulance or arrange immediate travel to the nearest hospital.

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