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Updated: 6 days ago

Please see our up-to-date ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION below.

If you have accessibility needs not adequately addressed here, please use the "Contact Us" tab or email us at socalcreatures@gmail.com to let us know! We will do our very best to accommodate you.


  • The majority of our venue is ADA compliant, with ramps.

  • The bathroom is ADA compliant to enter, but the stalls are not ADA. This is a renovation in progress!

  • There is one (1) clearly marked Handicapped Parking Space by the front door of the venue.

  • Adequate, varied seating options are available - including chairs, couches, and padded floor space.


  • We have High Energy, Low Energy, Quiet/Decompression, and Sex-Positive spaces to accommodate different needs and play styles.

  • If you are nervous about attending, please come at the beginning of the event! Our Welcome Wagon Orientation will help you get your bearings, and the start of an event is always more relaxed, which will allow you to settle in.

  • We have Volunteers ("Emotional Support Animals") whose job it is to help you feel welcome and introduce you to new people. They are marked with BLUE glowing wristbands. Please reach out to them if you're nervous, and if you see them playing on the mosh floor, know they will definitely be receptive to light play!


  • Our venue is air-conditioned, well-ventilated, and temperature controlled. You may request that the AC be turned up or down if needed.

  • We have box fans that we can bring out if requested.


  • Think "dog park with music," not a bar or club.

  • Music (typically queer punk, or themed for special events) plays from speakers in the main room, of low to moderate volume.

  • The Open Mosh Area in the large main room tends to be filled with barking, howling, and other human animal sounds. The Outdoor Kitchen will likely include low-to-moderate volume with overlapping chatter.

  • The Forest Room includes ambient forest noise (birds chirping, wolves howling, rain, wind, etc) at a low volume. You may request that this be turned off during a scene.

  • We have a quiet "chill zone" room where you can seek refuge if you become overwhelmed for any reason. There is no music in this room.

  • We have free disposable ear plugs available at the Consent Wristband Station in the main room, should you need them for any reason.


  • Attendees and staff are asked to arrive low or scent free.

  • The Forest Room includes a very light scent from an organic pine essential oil diffuser. This can be turned off upon request.


  • We will NOT have any flashing lights. This is an epilepsy-friendly event.

  • Our spaces have low-to-moderate fluorescent and colored lighting. Some rooms have additional mood lighting such as Christmas lights and fairy lights.

  • **Note for Pawliday Mosh** There will be more Christmas-style lights than usual at this event. Expect Christmas lights to various degrees in all rooms except the Quiet Room. These lights may twinkle slowly or be static - they will not be flashing quickly.

  • Our Consent Wristbands are both colored and marked with symbols for our colorblind community members.


  • Individually-wrapped snacks & water are available in the outdoor kitchen.

  • If you have a Personal Aide or ASL Interpreter you would like to attend with you, they are welcome to attend at no charge. Email us at socalcreatures@gmail.com for a special promo code.

  • If you would benefit from an ASL Interpreter at an event or class, email us and we will arrange to have one!

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