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Event Rules

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Please see our up-to-date EVENT RULES below. Consolidated reminders of these rules are posted throughout our venue during events.

By attending a SoCal Creatures event, you are confirming that you read, understand, and agree to everything in this document.

Looking for more guidance for your first mosh? Check out our FAQ Page.

Last Update: February 4, 2023



  1. By entering the party, you are consenting to witness kink/BDSM play between other consenting adults. This is an 18+ event.

  2. While indoors, N95 or surgical masks must be worn at ALL TIMES during ALL PLAY (even under hoods).

  3. This is a DRY event. You may not bring intoxicants or play intoxicated, and there will be no alcohol/intoxicants available.

  4. Please arrive low-scent or scent free.

  5. NO photos or videos by attendees inside the event.

  6. NO: breath play, blood play, race play, or police/military gear.

  7. Clean any furniture with the venue's provided madacide after use.

  8. Keep food, snacks, and non-water beverages in our Outdoor Treat Bar. We highly discourage sharing food or beverages between households.

  9. Use, observe, and respect our Consent Wristband system.

  10. This is an intentionally inclusive, welcoming space for individuals of all intersections of identity and play styles. We expect you to treat everyone with kindness and respect.

  11. No means "No." Obtain continuous consent before engaging in play, and do not touch anyone or their things without consent.

  12. We reserve the right to refuse attendance to anyone at any time for the sake of the safety and well-being of our event and guests.

Mosh Areas

  1. Do not wear shoes on our mats, blankets, or bedding!

  2. Maintain awareness of those around you during play. Do not throw balls or toys at people who have not consented; avoid sending balls flying at speed while in the ball pit if the mosh is crowded; and avoid running into others when at all possible.

  3. Ensure consent via verbal or non-verbal communication before engaging in play or physical contact with those in the mosh. Our Consent Wristband System should also be observed to help with this.

  4. Play-wrestling involves higher physical contact and risk of masks falling off than other activities. Participate at your risk level, and with awareness of those around you.

  5. Event-provided toys may not be put in mouths for any reason.

  6. If sweating excessively in the main room Mosh Area (defined as: sweating enough to drip on the mats, toys, etc), TAKE A BREAK! This is to reduce fluid contact for health safety.

  7. Non-Pet Play BDSM activities are permitted in the private, reservable rooms ONLY. Please keep play in the Open Play Area to non-sexual, non-edge Pet Play.

Sexual/Edge Play

  1. At typical moshes, Sexual Play is allowed in the "Purple Pleasure Den" room ONLY. This includes all play of an explicit sexual nature.

  2. By entering the Purple Pleasure Den, you are consenting to witness activities of an explicit sexual nature between consenting adults.

  3. During sexual play, protective barriers and puppy pads must be used.

  4. Presence in the Purple Pleasure Den does NOT automatically indicate consent to engage in sexual activities or touch. Negotiation and verbal consent is required.

  5. Edge Play is allowed in the private, reservable rooms ONLY. This does NOT include the Quiet Room or the Low-Energy Play Room.

  6. Blood and fluid play is NOT allowed in the Forest Room.

  7. If you wish to engage in an edge play scene in any of the reservable rooms, let a Dungeon Monitor know first so they can be aware and ask any safety questions.

  8. The "Heavy Petting" Dark Play Party has some different rules than the above. See the event page for details when that party is happening.

Quiet Room/Chill Zone

  1. This is a low energy, low stimulus space. No play is allowed.

  2. Please be mindful of those who may be here for aftercare or to recover from overstimulation.

  3. Please keep noise down in this room, such as shouting, loud talking, or loud animal sounds.

Adoption Day (Special Event)

  1. Adoptions must occur through the guidance of an Adoption Zone Volunteer.

  2. The Volunteers reserve the right to deny an adoption to anyone who does not seem safe or a good fit for the pet they wish to adopt.

  3. Sexual play and contact of any kind is NOT allowed at this party.

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