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Animal Pride Flag Reveal!

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

There are puppy, kitten, bear, and pony pride flags.. but now, we are thrilled to announce the ANIMAL PRIDE FLAG!

This flag represents all human animal role players of all animal species, intersections, and play styles.

Thanks to Madame Margherite, DomCon LA, and the Animal International title for providing the platform and resources to create this flag. Thanks to Mistress Wiley Wolfe for the design rendering, and to everyone who gave their input.

Though created to be associated with the Animal International title, this flag is for the animal role play community at large. As such, the flag is free for public use. You may print yourself a flag, put it on a shirt, turn it into a button, use its colors in your art, etc. Our only ask is for you to credit it as or tell people that it is the Animal Pride Flag, so word gets out!

Click link above to access a Google Drive folder and download high-quality image files of the Animal Pride Flag.



🌏 Blue, green, and brown to represent the Earth and all its creatures. The intention here is to highlight our connection to Mother Earth as living beings, the importance of caring for our natural home as well as ourselves, and to speak to the international reach of animal role play as a whole. Our animal role play community spans the globe! We also hope this speaks to the connection between us, as human kinksters, with the biological animals we draw inspiration from in our play. It is a reminder to not only care for our fellow kinky community, but to extend that care towards the preservation and care of the animal kingdom as well.

🐾 Paw prints to show how human animals of all species come together through our mutual connection in pet play.

Animal role play isn't just for pups, kittens, and ponies. We are an intricate fabric of identities, and this includes embracing individuals who identify as a tapestry of different animals during their play. We hope that the different animal tracks from this flag take a step towards representing that diversity, and encourage others to explore different animal headspaces that appeal to them. The paw prints, clockwise starting at 12:00, are - equine, moose/bovine, red panda, muskrat/racoon, bird, domestic dog, wild canine, kit fox, frog, feline, bear, and pig/porcine.

A red heart to represent the united love with which we play and support each other. Animal role play includes all people who find joy and love in it. This includes not only white cis gay men, as is often traditionally seen, but also women; transgender people; non-binary people, as well as individuals all along the gender spectrum; Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color; people of all sexualities, including those who play and live on the asexual spectrum; disabled and chronically ill individuals; as well as all other intersections of identity.

A united animal role play community is one that supports, honors, includes, and empowers individuals of all intersections. It embraces those who come to share in the love of animal role play, and makes active, intentional space for all individuals to feel welcome.

🖤 Black to represent the BDSM/kink that connects us all. We are, after all, kinksters at heart. This flag acknowledges that BDSM is the crucial ingredient defining animal role play as something different than being a furry, therian, otherkin, or anything else that is not based in kink - even though there are community overlaps.

This color also acknowledges the history of leather in animal role play, particularly in regards to puppy play. Though there are many influences that have come together to make animal role play what it is today, we honor our connection to leather history and the influence it has on our current play.



BLUE HEX: 2881C3 RGB: R 40 G 129 B 195 CMYK: C 80% M 42% Y 1% K 0%

GREEN HEX: 4EA346 RGB: R 78 G 163 B 70 CMYK: C 73% M 12% Y 100% K 1%

BROWN HEX: 825B37 RGB: R 130 G 91 B 15 CMYK: C 39% M 59% Y 83% K 27%

RED HEX: ED2127 RGB: R 237 G 33 B 39 CMYK: C 1% M 98% Y 95% K 0%

BLACK HEX: 000000 RGB: R 0 G 0 B 0 CMYK: C 75% M 68% Y 67% K 90%


We look forward to flying this flag at our moshes, and seeing it displayed as the flag for Animal International for years to come.

We are proud to call this flag a commitment by SoCal Creatures to improving and celebrating the animal play community.

🎉 Finally, a mighty CONGRATULATIONS to Pup Garnet for being the First Animal International Titleholder! 🎉

We are so elated to have Garnet carry and represent our flag and this title. Well deserved, and well chosen by the amazing title competition judges - Mx Mina De Sade-Fatale, LA Pup 2020-21 Pup Star Orion, and Boy Razz. We are excited to witness the future of this title and of this flag.

The first Animal International Title competition photo, 2021

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