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Animal Pride Flag Reveal!

Updated: 6 days ago

There are puppy, kitten, bear, and pony pride flags.. but now, we are thrilled to announce the ANIMAL PRIDE FLAG!

This flag represents all animal players of all species and play styles.

Thanks to Madame Margherite, DomCon LA, and the Animal International title for providing the platform and resources to create this flag. Thanks to Mistress Wiley Wolfe for the design rendering, and to everyone who gave their input.



🌏 Blue, green, and brown to represent the Earth and all its creatures

🐾 Paw prints to show how human animals of all species come together through our mutual connection in pet play

(clockwise starting at 12: equine, moose/bovine, red panda, muskrat/raccoon, bird, dog, wild canine, kit fox, frog, feline, bear, pig/porcine)

❤ A red heart to represent the love with which we play and support each other

🖤 Black to represent the BDSM/kink that connects us all


We look forward to flying this flag at our moshes, and seeing it displayed as the flag for Animal International for years to come.

We are proud to call this flag a commitment by SoCal Creatures to improving and celebrating the animal play community.

🎉 Finally, a mighty CONGRATULATIONS to Pup Garnet for being the First Animal International Titleholder! 🎉

We are so elated to have Garnet carry and represent our flag and this title. Well deserved, and well chosen by the amazing title competition judges - Mx Mina De Sade-Fatale, LA Pup 2020-21 Pup Star Orion, and Boy Razz.


For those who would be interested in purchasing flags or merch with the Animal Pride design, stay tuned! We will be discussing options and possibilities for the future. 🐾🖤❤🌏

The first Animal International Title competition photo, 2021

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