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Q: Are pet moshes the same as concert moshes?
No! Pet moshes are nothing like a concert :) Think of pet moshes as a place like an indoor dog park where human animals romp, wrestle and play with each other and any Handlers. There are areas for active play, low-energy play, and a quiet area for cuddles, rest, and/or aftercare.

Q: How old do I have to be to attend?

A: Our regular monthly moshes are 18+. However, we may occasionally hold additional events in 21+ bar venues. We list the age requirement on each event listing.


Q: How much do your parties cost?

A: Our regular monthly moshes cost $15 Early Bird, $20 GA/Door. Tickets for personal aides/interpreters are comped. Classes and special events vary.


Q: Where are you located?

A: Our venue switches every other month between Threshold (North Hollywood) and 910 WeHo (West Hollywood). However, our location can vary depending on the event. Addresses are released on your ticket after purchase.


Q: Do you serve alcohol?

A: Our 18+ moshes do NOT allow alcohol or inebriation of any kind. Any 21+ event will likely allow responsible drinking, but you will not be allowed to play if you are intoxicated.


Q: Can I have sex?

A: At our regular monthly moshes, YES! We have designated spaces where consensual sexual acts may occur. Special events may not allow sex, so please be sure to check the rules before each event to determine whether sex will be allowed.

Q: Can I engage in non-pet play kink activities (ex. impact, electricity, etc) at your events?

A: Our Main Mosh Area, Low-Energy Play Space, and Quiet Room do not allow non-pet play activities. The Quiet Room is not for play at all. However, all of the other rooms absolutely DO!


Q: I’ve never been to a pet play event before. Is your mosh good for beginners?

A: YES! Many of our attendees are new to the pet scene, or were new before they found us! We have volunteers dedicated to making you feel welcome and introducing you to others when desired. Come to our Orientation at the beginning of each event to get your bearings!


Q: What if I don’t have gear?

A: You don’t need gear to be a pet – or a Handler! Although we recommend kneepads and padded gloves for safety when romping, all you really need is an open attitude. If you do feel a desire or need to have additional gear, check out our Gear List for makers!


Q: Are your events wheelchair accessible?

A: YES! Our venues are wheelchair accessible with an ADA-compliant bathroom. Please Contact Us with any specific accessibility needs, and we will do our very best to accommodate you.


Q: Is it okay that I’m not a pup?

A: YES! We are a collection of creatures, not just pups. Kittens, foxes, bunnies, and a variety of exotic “species” all come to our mosh. Whatever your human animal identification, you are welcome here.

Q: Do I need to have a Handler or pet in order to come?

A: You do NOT need to have a Handler or pet counterpart in order to attend! Many of our guests are still looking for a Handler/pet to call their own. If you need someone to check in with during play, ask one of the Hosts (Wiley or Vixen) and they will pair you with a volunteer.

Q: I'm nervous about my first mosh. Do you have any resources?
A: Yes! Our community is very welcoming to nervous newcomers, and it's very valid to feel nervous. We have colored and marked consent wristbands (see guide in Mosh Etiquette below) to help you indicate and know your and others' desired participation levels.

We also have designated "Emotional Support Animal" volunteers dedicated to helping attendees feel welcome. They wear glowing blue wristbands. Please reach out to them if you need support, want help meeting people, or just want someone to talk to!


Q: I have felt like I didn't fit in at other pet play spaces. Will I be comfortable at your events?

A: We created SoCal Creatures to be different from other pet play spaces, and our attendees come from all intersections. Our aim is always to be a diverse and inclusive community, and we will do everything possible to make sure you feel comfortable and at home with us.

Q: What are your Consent, COVID-19, Safety, and Accessibility Policies? While we're at it, what are your Event Rules?

A: Read it all HERE!

Q: I want to be involved. How can I help?

A: We are always in need of giveaway items and volunteers! Contact Us to discuss a giveaway offer, or Apply Here to Volunteer!




So you're new to pet play, or maybe this is your first time stepping out into the wider community. Either way, you're a social animal! You want to meet other furry, feathered, and scaly critters!

You go to classes, play parties, munches - maybe even a leather bar or two - but you can't quite "get into it" as completely as you want to. However, there's one thing you haven't tried yet:

A mosh.

The perfect place to let one's inner animal romp free. Covered in thick mats and toys, full of pets wrestling and playing with each other as well as with Handlers. It's the only place around specifically designed just for pet play. Just for you!

But if you've never been to a mosh before, how do you act? How can you be Safe, Sane, and Consensual once your human inhibitions fall away and you're fully in pet headspace?
And if you're a Handler - what the F*%! do you do?!

Never fear. We've compiled some tips and guidelines to help you be successful when you come to our next mosh!



What NOT to Wear
Yeah, we're starting a little negative. Sorry. But safety is important! Please don't wear anything that could get caught, damaged, or hurt someone else. This typically includes anything with sharp spikes, lots of zippers, or loose chains. 1/4in or under is ideal for studs. Chain collars are fine if you're careful; if you have spikes on your hood, wear with caution or consider taking it off during active play. Watches, belts, and jewelry can get caught - body jewelry can be protected with medical tape.

Comfort is key, but not too loose-fitting!
Latex, rubber, and even neoprene bodysuits can cause excessive sweating, and they can tear while you're roughhousing. Wrestling singlets, spandex, shorts, jockstraps, sports bras - these are all good options. You want something you can move in, but avoid anything that's excessively baggy. Wouldn't want it to get caught or ripped!
At our mosh, you CAN be naked! But be sure to negotiate touch and be Risk-Aware of accidental contact that could occur during active play.

Knee pads and paw mitts (or MMA fingerless padded gloves) are absolute essentials if you are going to be engaging in active play. Be aware that your knee pads will probably slide while you're playing - make sure a Handler or one of the mosh volunteers can keep an eye on this for you. Knee pads with straps tend to cut into the skin, which can be dangerous - sleeve designs are best.

You will find different moshes have different rules for this, depending on their floor. We ask that you be either barefoot or in socks to prevent damaging our mats.

We allow both insertable and non-insertable tails (some moshes will only allow non-insertable). If you choose to wear an insertable tail, a butt plug harness (Mr. S Leather sells these) is a good idea to make sure it doesn't fall out. And have a Handler aware of how long you've had it in so you don't experience discomfort later. Non-insertable tails are our recommendation, but play at your risk level.

Water & Treats


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
It's easy to forget about drinking water when you're caught up in play. However, when you're romping around in gear for hours, it's very easy to become dehydrated. We have water at our moshes which you can drink either from cups or dog bowls with straws (so you can drink with your hood on) - please make sure you use one or both of these options, or bring your own water/bowl.

HANDLERS! Ways to Check if Your Pet Needs Water: 

- Gently pinch the skin on their arm or stomach. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to return to normal, your pet needs water.
- Hold your pet's finger above their heart and press the nail bed until it turns white. When you let go, if it takes a long time to return to normal, your pet needs water.
- If your pet's skin is coated with a thin film of sweat, especially under their gear, your pet needs water.
- If your pet hasn't had a drink in a while, they might need water. Offer water regularly.

Be Aware of Dietary Restrictions
Some pets can have an allergic reaction to treat residue left on a toy that was in another pet's mouth. If you are allergic to something, please notify the mosh hosts so we can prevent this. Likewise, if you are bringing a treat to share, please let us know so we can ask the other pets if they have an allergy. And be aware of a pet's allergies and other dietary restrictions before feeding them treats! If you must give them a treat while they are already in headspace, take out a few different options and let them choose the treat they would like.

Treat Ideas
We provide treats at our mosh :)
But if you go to a mosh that does not, a good mix of sweet and savory is always ideal. Many pets like sweets such as scooby snacks, mini marshmallows, cookies, and cereal, but others will enjoy savory snacks like granola bites, chicken biscuits, crackers jerky, and goldfish. Bone-shaped watermelon can be great for outdoor moshes, since it is also hydrating. Be creative!



Ideal Toys
We provide clean toys at our mosh, but in case you want to bring your own- The best toys are soft, easy to clean, and gentle on the teeth. Cheap dollar store and puppy (as opposed to adult dog) toys are usually not made very sturdy, so are kinder to human pet mouths. Empty water bottles are good, and balls to be pushed around but not carried in the mouth can be plenty fun. Be wary of peeling paint, sharp edges, or any potential choking hazards.

Toys will of course vary from animal to animal - kittens like laser pointers, feathers, and balls with bells they can bat around; other pets might want a stuffed animal to cuddle, or an object to hoard. Think about your pet identity and what you might like to play with!

If you use our toys or are sharing toys, please don't put them in your mouth! That can lead to non-consensual fluid exchange!

Tug Toys
The human mouth is not built to tug like a bio-dog's mouth, so we do not recommend tugging with your teeth. Use your paws instead. We don't want you to pull your teeth out! Then you can't bite anyone anymore! ;)

Toys get dirty. They might have invisible traces of blood from biting or tugging. Make sure you wash your toys regularly. 

Physical Health


Medical Conditions
Make your Handler and/or the mosh staff aware of any medical conditions, injuries, or health concerns that could affect your play. If you take medication, have an inhaler, an EpiPen, or anything else, give it to your Handler or a member of the mosh staff so someone has it for you if it is needed. 

Take Breaks!!!
We know it's fun to romp around for hours with your fellow critters. However, make sure you're taking some time to rest. There are plenty of cozy, comfy places for you to do so :)

If you become injured, STOP!
If you or your Handler notice you are bleeding or injured, please stop moshing. Treat the wound before returning to play - we have a first-aid kit on site. If you need further care, we will call you an ambulance or arrange immediate travel to the nearest hospital. 

Pet-to-Pet Interaction


Body language and posture is everything when it comes to interacting with other pets while in the mosh area. After all, most pets go non-verbal while in headspace! If you notice an open posture, eyes up and alert, bouncing on one's front paws, or bowing down in a typical dog "play" gesture - these are all good signs that the pet is excited and willing to play. If their posture seems closed with their eyes down, they probably do not want to play. 

These insights are attributed to a class taught by Pup Havok 

Use body language to ask for interaction 
Not every pet will want to interact with you, and that is okay! Simply being in the space does not automatically signify consent. Roll a toy towards the pet you want to play with, or use your pet's body language and voice (bark, growl, yip, meow, etc.). If the other animal engages, that's a "Yes." If they turn away, shake their head, or otherwise do not engage, that's a "No." 

Play Safely!
Watch the other animal's body language while you are playing. If they yelp in pain or roll onto their back, you're probably being too rough! Even in your animal headspace, you need to check in or slow down. Similarly, if a mosh staff member asks you to calm your play down, you need to do so. You may be playing too rough for other pets in your immediate area or running the risk of damaging property in the space. 

Sexual Play   
Our mosh has room (the Purple Pleasure Den) where sex is allowed - as with the rest of the space, BEING THERE DOES NOT SIGNIFY CONSENT. You must ask and negotiate all sexual play, even with someone who is already in that area. 



Negotiate before play
Whenever possible, talk and negotiate with the pet you'd like to play with before they get into headspace. Discuss what activities they are interested in, how long they'd like to engage, allergies/health conditions/etc. This is the safest way to go. However, we know that sometimes you might find yourself in a sea of pets already moshing in headspace. If so... 

Approach them like real animals 
You wouldn't run up to a strange animal and grab them by the scruff, would you? Well, then don't do it to a human animal. Think of it like approaching a real animal for the first time - say hello, hold out your hand to sniff or offer a toy, watch the reaction. If the animal turns away, backs off, or does not approach, they do not want to interact with you. If they rub against you, bring you a toy, nuzzle, etc., they want to interact. Bear in mind, wanting to play fetch does NOT necessarily mean they also want to cuddle or anything else. You must treat each new activity like a completely new negotiation. 

Don't touch collars, leashes, or other gear without permission   
You don't know if this human animal is owned, or what their boundaries are. Do not leash someone without their permission, do not grab their harness or collar without their permission, do not touch their gear without their permission. 

If a pet has a Handler/Owner
Ask that Handler's permission to pet, play with, or otherwise interact with their human animal. They will tell you what that animal's boundaries are, as well as if they are okay with you engaging with their pet.


Take Responsibility
If you have negotiated to be a certain pet's Handler, that means you are responsible for their safety and well-being. Watch over them to make sure they're hydrated, fed, unharmed, rested, and having a good time. This is your primary purpose as a Handler. If you notice that a pet you are not handling and do not know needs help or water, alert a member of the mosh staff.

Get down on those mats!
Not all moshes will allow this, but we are happy to see Handlers getting down on the mats with the pets. Just make sure you are not wearing shoes, always asking for play, ensuring consent, and not playing too rough. You can also play from the couches we have stationed around the mats. 

Wristband Guide

Consent Wristbands
When you enter our main mosh space, you will see a table with different colored wristbands with symbols written on them. This is our Consent Wristband Station, and is there for you and others to help signal your desired play participation level! You may change your color at any time.

Here is the guide, which will also be posted at the table:


  • Green / "Circle" = Open to Negotiate Play

  • Yellow / "Star" = Unsure About Play / Wait for Me to Approach

  • Orange / "Check Mark" = Only Play with Friends I know Today

  • Blue / "Heart" = Need Consent or Permission from Someone Before Playing

  • Red / "X" = Not Open to Play

Staff Wristbands / Markers
Our staff's wristbands GLOW, making us easy to identify!


  • A RED wristband = general staff, available for any and all questions

  • A BLUE wristband = DM! Here to keep you safe, approve edge play scenes, and watch for consent

  • An EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL BANDANA = Emotional Support Animal, here to help attendees feel safe and welcomed. Approach them to have someone to talk to, ask questions, get help meeting others, or if you're feeling nervous


Relax, be yourself, and have fun. You'll do just fine :)




No one needs gear to be a pet or animal - it's a headspace, a lifestyle, a mindset. All you really need to embrace your animal self is you! And of course, a safe place to engage in your favorite animal activities.


That said... we highly recommend SLEEVE-STYLE KNEE PADS and PADDED GLOVES in order to keep your physical body safe during play. MMA fingerless gloves tend to work well. You can pick these up at any second-hand or sports store. Soft knee pads are better on floors that could be damaged by hard plastic.


However, many people do find that additional gear helps bring out their animal headspace.

If you're looking for a financially accessible option, Amazon is your friend. Search "bdsm pup hood" or anything similar to that, and you will find knock-off neoprene and leather options for around $30. You can also search for cosplay ears & tail sets for cheap options in that direction. These options are cheaply made and will not last as long, but they're more than adequate for those who aren't ready or able to make a larger investment!


Below, you will find some makers that offer different options for higher-quality gear. We are always adding to this list as we hear of new vendors!

Want to know our favorite venues and businesses? See our Friends & Favorites Page!

Abraham David Levy

Shiny vinyl hoods. Pups, pandas, seahorses, sheep, & more. Also corsets & art clothing! IG @abrahamdlevy


Andies Ears (Instagram Only)  

Kitten, Bunny, "Double Lycan," Bear, Goat, Pup, Dragon, and many other fantasy ears!

Anthro Aesthetic (Etsy)

High quality, unique ears and tails. See IG @anthroaesthetic for drop dates and previews.

Argent's Apparel (Etsy)

Leather hoods and gear.

The Armored Dragon (Etsy)

Leather animal/etc masks. Deer and dragon custom hoods available.

Ateilier Creatura

Ears, bows, and occasionally tails for kittens, lynxes, wolves, foxes, and pups. Follow them on IG @ateiliercreatura, too!



Black leather Puppy hoods and other BDSM equipment.

Bat Infested

Unique ears, tails, horns, plushies, and pins!


Beastly Bootique

Ears, resin-cast horns, and other accessories.


Black Wolf Leather

Formerly The Well-Kept Pet. Leather hoods for many animal species by queer, POC LA locals.

They also have claws, fox tails, and squeaky bone toys!


Bob Basset

High-end leather hoods, mainly for Horses with some exceptions. Customs accepted.

Candy Zombies

Ears, tails, and paws - often candy-inspired!


Chilli's Woof Stuff (Etsy)

UK-based maker of leather canine hoods (pup/wolf/fox), collars, and harnesses.


The Coywolf Den (Etsy)

Unique, detailed ears for all animals, even fantasy, released in shop daily and sold FAST. Follow their Instagram @thecoywolfden to see work and stay updated on releases.

Daemon Emporium (Etsy)

Flop ears (cow, goat, etc), headdresses, and sometimes masks.


The Dapper Doberman

Luxury leather pup hoods with unique movable/removable lower jaws, removable ears, and add-able muzzles/blindfolds. Customs available.

Dark Forest Shop (Instagram - for release updates)

Faux fur ears on beanies and witches' hats!


Deviant Leather (Etsy)

High quality leather harnesses, Fox hoods, and Kitten hoods with magnetic detachable muzzles! Our personal favorite kitten hood.


For the leatherworkers! Mask PATTERNS for pups, bunnies, horses, and unicorns.

For Fun

Rubber Hoods for pups, pigs, and tigers. Similar to the Mr. S hood style.


FurEars (Etsy)

Ears & Tails - Bunny, Wolf, Kitten/Lynx, Fox, Raccoon, Pup, & More! 

Instagram: @FurEars


Fury Fantasy

Hoods, accessories, and gear for all different animal types! Horses, Unicorns, Cats, Cows, Pigs, Lions Rams, and so much more. Even pulling carriages, hooves, and harnesses for Horses, and Farm Animal gear. Mostly leather.


Gear Factory (Etsy)

Leather Pony Hoods and hand hooves. Also Zebras, Cows, Bulls, and more!

Geared Up Pup

Pup Themed Safety Gear & Accessories of all kinds!

Grunge Bunny Gear (Etsy)

Neoprene pet play gear/hoods, made in the UK. Instagram @grungebunnygear


Ears and accessories for Kittens, Big cats/Lycans, Bunnies, Foxes, Wolves, and more. Can do "latte art" designs inside the ears.


IManStudios (Etsy)

Leather pup hoods in two different styles.

Jaded Jewall

Fashion hoods in vinyl, leather, and "apocalypse" style for dogs, bunnies, mice, and kittens.

Pup hoods based in Argentina.


Leather VEX

Pup and Bear hoods.

Lumi Tales

German maker of faux fur ears - the original magnetic cow ears, as well as many more species styles.


Mistr Bear Leather 

Hoods in different styles, mainly neoprene. Check out their Instagram @mistrpupmtl to see their fancy Unicorn hoods. They also offer "half-face" hoods for casual wear.

MKL Latex Couture (Etsy)

Latex hoods and accessories including animal hoods.


Mr. S Leather 

A staple of the pet play community with puppy hoods in different styles made of both leather and neoprene. They also have tails, paw mitts, and other puppy accessories and general BDSM gear.


Noxhyde (Etsy)

Leather & fur ears for Cats, Ponies, Foxes, Wolves, and Pups. Also makes learth Horns, and leather & lace collars/cuffs (does custom jobs)

Ocelotl's Trade Post (Etsy)

Leather gear and hoods. Owned by a disabled Romani and Indigenous TwoSpirit crafter.

Panther Doll

Elaborate luxury animal ears and crowns.

P&C Creations (Etsy)

Leather animal hoods and other gear with specialized breed designs. This seller has the most diverse species selection we've seen, which is always expanding. Customs and new species possible.

Check them out on Instagram at @pandccreations

Dark fashion leather fetish masks, including an anubis-style dog hood, unicorn, ritualistic goat, wolf, and more.

Porthos Stable

Customizable leather pony masks, harnesses, hooves, and cuffs.

Pretty Kitty Clothes (Etsy)

Plush spiked collars and other cute gear! Soft, lightweight, and great for moshes!


Priceless Companions (Etsy)

Faux fur tails and ears (does custom jobs) 


Puppy Park 

Rubber Pup Hoods

Purple Passion

BDSM Gear, including a variety of pup hoods and accessories.

Rough Trade Gear

Pup & Fetish Gear

Ruff Leather
Leather paw mitts and leather hoods blended with fur muzzles. Sales posted on Twitter only.


Rubber Dawg

Rubber hoods specialized to different breeds and appearances.  


Scrapyard Leather

Leather pup hoods!

Snapjaw Forge (IG/Twitter)

Unique, customizable rubber hoods

Sock's Sundries

Los Angeles local faux fur ears.

Static Creature (Etsy)

Latex and Leather Dragon hoods and gloves. Will have to custom order.



They carry a variety of BDSM and pet play equipment like leather hoods, paw/hoof mitts, puppy/bunny/fox/horse tails, puppy cock rings, and more.


Square Peg Toys 

Puppy Tails! Insertable and non-insertable. They also have a cool silicone rawhide bone and a bowl with a shoe print in it for those boot slut pups ;)


TAVARONsLeather (Etsy)   

Leather hoods in different styles, as well as limited other BDSM equipment.   


The Floofy Fox Shop (Etsy)  

Ears and tails! Kittens, Foxes, Cows, Werewolves, and more. 


The Trough/Buckhorn Leather (Etsy)

A newer maker of leather accessories and Pup hoods. Check out their Instagram, @buckhorn_leather for more examples of custom creations. 


Top Cat Tails (Etsy)

Ships from the UK. Artist making ears/tail sets for Kittens, Foxes, Pups, Wolves, and large floofy Bunnies. Has done other animals as well. Customs accepted.

IG @topcattails

Tuft Squad

Brazilian leatherworker making hoods of various species and other leather accessories.


Custom fashion dog muzzles with and without ears. DM to order.

IG: @varoroo

Wear Wolf Creations (Twitter)

Unique, customizable rubber hoods

Wet Hot Rubber

Rubber dog hoods and accessories.

Whimsical Wagging Tails
Vegan, faux fur tails with an incredible natural wag!


Whisker Whimsy (Etsy)

Adorable ears for Bunnies and Kittens!


Wild Gas Masks 

You guessed right- gas mask style animal hoods.


Wild West Leather

Harnesses for Ponies, as well as some other BDSM equipment.


Wolfstryker Leather (Etsy)

Leather Pup hoods, Kitten hoods, and other gear and accessories.


Wruff Stuff 

Printed Neoprene hoods, accessories, and harnesses for pets of different species. They also have rubber suits/clothing.



Ears and tails for pups, wolves, foxes, bunnies, and more!

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