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October 2020 Creature Feature - Pup Sanguine!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The pet play lifestyle is full of so many voices that make it unique and vibrant. To showcase this, every month we will be shining the spotlight on a particular human animal or Handler in our community. Let's hear what makes every pet player special!

What's more fitting for the Halloween season than a demon dog?? Join us for a chat with the hottest lava-loving pup around, howling all the way from Seattle...


Please introduce yourself and how you identify in animal play.

Hi! I’m Pup Sanguine or Pup Sang for short. I’m a lava demon dog. I draw inspiration and energy from my Filipinx culture and ancestors - especially from our volcanoes and our cycles of death and rebirth.  I center in playfulness, deviance, and pleasure. I seek to create safe sacred spaces for QTBIPoC kink folx to romp, play, and witness each other in.

What is the Seattle pet play scene like in your experience?

My personal Seattle pet play experience comes from my own personal QTBIPoC community.  I have the pleasure of knowing and playing with kinksters exploring their empowerment and magic in all forms through their kinks.  

I want to shout out Ms. Briq House’s Quink Social Club and Goddexx Yuna’s Slut Sanctuary for providing kink space for and by the QTBIPoC community. Also shoutout to my kinky queer friends I have the pleasure of witnessing (and pleasuring).

There is a side of the general Seattle pet play scene that I’m not very active in so I can’t say much about it.  I don’t often go to pup romps or the larger play parties (but I’m always open to going with a friend). Centering qtbipoc pleasure leads me to the kind of activities and events that I engage in.

I personally have projects and events in the works and I’m excited to offer them once they’re ready to be presented.

How did you discover that you're a lava demon dog, and what does that identity mean to you?

I’ve been slowly putting together my almost random affinity to lava and volcanoes.  I have a childhood pillow that is lava patterned; my favorite colors are red and orange; when I lived in the Philippines, we lived nearby a volcano that erupted and it ended up being one of the largest in our country; when I first saw a lava bender on Avatar, I was so surprised how excited and seen I felt (lol). I’m a double Virgo, triple Leo that hangs out in seas of water signs - if that isn’t an island volcano, I don’t know what is. 

I talked to one of my spirit guides one time and they told me of a lava dog spirit living inside of me that sought refuge after the volcano eruption of my childhood. That was the moment all the above volcano references came crashing into me. So instead of questioning it, I cried and embraced it.

It’s been going great and I thank my ancestors for helping me find space to express myself.

What are your favorite activities as an animal? Sexually, I love engaging in primal kink power dynamic play. I like to play with my food ;) I like showing new kinksters and animals what I know and love - animal training and obedience, hehe.

I also do most of my spiritual ritual practices in my hoods.  When I take trips to space via mushrooms or LSD, I always have my mask on or near me - that is a very important part of my space ritual practices. 

Generally, I try to invite my dog spirit to all things I do. To the point where random people will point out my likeness to a cute lil pup.

How, if at all, do your intersections of identity influence your animal play?

Ooo! I think I answered this up top :)

Generally, I use my animal space to embody and seek what I need at the time. That could be being validated and witnessed by my Filipinx culture, enacting power scenes that can bring me healing and empowerment, having a space where I can feel safe from racism and gender norms, etc.

In the near future, how do you most hope to see the pet play community grow as a whole?

I hope to see more QT and BIPoC events run by and for QT and BIPoC people. Kink has been so hard to access for this community for so long, that I’m really starting to see it bud and grow. I think the growth of this community can bring the overall kink community so much insight, healing, light, and abundance.

Also, fund that journey, existing kink community!!! I see your expensive toys; it’s time to share and expand. We like expanding ;)

What do you love most about animal play? Treats, belly rubs (and other rubs), and being told that I’m a “good (slut) pup” ;) <3

To follow this lava demon dog's inspiring journey, follow @pup.sang on Instagram!

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