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July 2023 Creature Feature - Em Indica!

The pet play lifestyle is full of so many voices that make it unique and vibrant. To showcase this, every month we will be shining the spotlight on a particular human animal or Handler in our community. Let's hear what makes every pet player special!

This month, we're highlighting a special pup in our community...


Please introduce yourself, your pronouns, and how you identify in pet play.

Hello! My name is Em Indica and I’m an online influencer, sex worker, and adult model. I use she/her/hers pronouns and identify as pansexual. When it comes to pet play, I identifiy as a puppy/pup/dog.

How did you first get into pet play and discover your first headspace/role?

For the longest time, I just identified as a submissive. I was super interested in that role, and over time, I was exposed to different kinks and ended up trying new things. It probably started with wearing collars and using leashes, then the idea of being put in a cage, then using a bowl, until it just became a full kink. I have always been a service sub, this is just a different way of doing it.

What are your favorite activities during pet play?

I love playing fetch, getting pets, doing tricks, and most importantly making my owner happy. By whatever means.

What helps you get into your pet play headspace?

Being called a good girl is my weakness. As soon as someone starts giving me praise and talking to me like a dog, I'm in it. Immediate tail wags.

How, if at all, do your intersections of identity influence your pet play?

It's kinda a strange way to say it, but it's almost like different games being plugged into a console. You can feel and think different ways at different times, but at the end of the day, you’re still you.

How is your art influenced by your and others play and kinks? What does it mean to you?

I think the main thing is freedom of expression and just doing whatever you like. I feel empowered by the community and it helps me with my own personal confidence. The pet play community is very accepting and will always help you to explore yourself in a safe way. That's so important to me, and to so many others.

What do you love most about pet play?

Being able to give someone my full trust, being taken care of, experiencing euphoria in my headspace, and playing with others who are also pets.

Keep up with Em Indica by following her on Instagram @em.indica!

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