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October 2022 Creature Feature - Kat!

The pet play lifestyle is full of so many voices that make it unique and vibrant. To showcase this, every month we will be shining the spotlight on a particular human animal or Handler in our community. Let's hear what makes every pet player special! This month, we're featuring one of our most cherished, long-time volunteers. You can often find them at the Consent Wristband Station helping newbies, or rolling around the moshes with a big, fluffy cat tail on the back of their wheelchair. A kitten, wolf, Handler for their partner, delightfully spooky, we're excited to introduce...


Please introduce yourself and how you identify in pet play.

I’m Kat Kallen, I primarily use They/Them pronouns, I’m Pansexual & Polyamorous, and identify somewhere within Genderfluid/Non-Binary/Agender. I often play as a handler for my partner Willow; but mostly as a pet myself, and usually stay in a kitten or wolf head space as a pet.

How did you first get into pet play and discover your headspaces?

I was always the kid on the playground that played the family pet, rather then be a mom or sibling lol. It was a pretty easy extension once I got older, found the Internet, and eventually attended kink events.

Do you consider yourself a Handler? How is it having a pup while also being a pet yourself?

I don’t really feel like much of a handler, but I do typically take on a lot of responsibilities & try to ensure the safety of other around me. I definitely default to handler mode when I go to parties/moshes. It’s not always easy being a pet, especially since my girlfriend is also a sub-leaning pet, but we make it fun. We love playing with other handlers or dominant types together and/or separately; so don’t be afraid to reach out to either of us ;)

What are your favorite pet play activities?

I love being a little lap cat; getting scritches & being hand-fed treats is THE BEST. If I’m feeling more wolfy I really like wrestling around & showing off my strength by fighting for dominance; then losing, 'cause otherwise what’s the fun if I win?

How, if at all, do your intersections of identity influence your pet play?

I think, because I’m Genderfluid it is kinda hard for me to pinpoint where I am on a spectrum, (or really ANY spectrum) so a lot of the times I play I’m kinda in between head spaces. I generally prefer letting my partner/handler guide where a scene takes us and just giving feedback during to help us both figure it out and have a good time.

What advice might you have for disabled kinksters who are interested in exploring pet play?

Don’t be afraid to use mobility devices at moshes, invest in tools that help you remain more comfy, it’s always something you can incorporate into headspace. Sometimes my wolf space is more of an old watchdog, tired, doesn’t move too much; I’ll just supervise the pups romping around. I have really thick knee pads when I do crawl around to kneel or play, and I always carry a travel pharmacy/braces/bandages in case I need something that’s usually at home. I frequently put my huge cat tail on the back of my wheelchair and roll around the moshes at Threshold.

What do you love most about pet play?

I love the variety and creativity everyone can bring. I’ve met mischievous foxes, shy dragons, brash puppies, faux-stuck up ponies. It’s fun to play up a part of your personality that you don’t get to show often or indulge in. In my case, I love being a pampered pet because I work a lot & take care of others; having a break & be small or have things handled for me is always warmly welcomed.

Want to keep up with Kat? Follow them on Instagram @kat_kallen

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