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August 2020 Creature Feature - Indyana Bones!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The pet play lifestyle is full of so many voices that make it unique and vibrant. To showcase this, every month we will be shining the spotlight on a particular human animal or Handler in our community. Let's hear what makes every pet player special!

This month, we are honored to feature a wonderful (were)wolf-pup hybrid. Bursting with personality and spirit, we loved getting to know this fierce feral pupper, and we know you will too...


Please introduce yourself and how you identify in pet play

Indy:  Heya frens!  My name is Indyana Bones and I’m a heckin’ silly puppers through and through!  I’m one of those doggos that likes to do human things though ya know, so ya might mistake me for a people sometimes!  I’m totally the color pink cuz that’s the color of Loooooove and I love to spread! As a puppers, I identify as an emotional support pup and I am unowned (Well, technically I’m SELF owned but that’s a story fur another day), so I can support those in need!  I’m definitely much more submissive (especially to females I think are cute) but don’t think that means I like to get pushed around, cuz I’m a brat and ya gotta earn my submission ;)

Sherlock: Good evening, or day, whatever time it may be when you read this. My name is Sherlock Bones and I am a wolf.  Technically, I’m a werewolf (Indyana was careless in one of her endeavours and contracted lycanthropy, but as Indy would say, “That’s a story for another day”) and I tend to come out at night, especially on full moons. Don’t believe everything you hear about werewolves, I just enjoy the full moon, I do not need it to come out.  I identify as a dominant alpha and I can also be primal. I can be VERY primal, so only those who know what they're getting into get to interact with the wild side of this wolf.

How did you first get started in pet play?

I first got started in petplay, or at least emulating animals and running around on all fours when I was very young, I wanna say around 4-5 years old.  Other kids played dress-up, and I did as well, only it was with animal ears, tails, and behavior. I never grew out of it, and only became more and more fascinated with the world of animals and how I could be more like one. When the internet came around when I was about 9 years old, I was connected to the world of furries and BDSM.  I never interacted, I mainly lurked, but I was definitely looking at things I would not allow a child of my age then to look at now. I knew it was an adult thing, but I was very excited at the prospect that when I grew up, I could still be my animal self.

How does being a wolf/dog hybrid influence your animal style?  Do you have two distinct different headspaces? If so, how do they intermingle?

As a wolf/dog hybrid I have two distinct headspaces/styles. My personal preference is a mixture of both intermingling with each other, as I am a gemini and many of my personality traits in general are like yin and yang.  As a dog I am very outgoing and silly, bratty and energetic; as a wolf, I am very reserved and serious, aloof and sarcastic.  Indy the dog will totally play in a puppy mosh, whereas Sherlock would rather watch from the sidelines.  HOWEVER, should a kitters come into play, then Sherlock can’t help herself but be a silly wolfums and entertain the kitty in any way possible. Indy and Sherlock are independent and dependent on each other all at the same time; Sherlock is always watching out for Indy and Indy is always lookin' out for Sherlock. Think of a kaleidoscope, ever-shifting and changing depending on the way you're lookin' at it.

What are your favorite activities as a pet?

Indy LOVES to play and run around, especially with one of her many toys, and DOUBLE especially if it makes a squeakums noise.  When there’s a puppy mosh around, you’ll be hell-bent keepin Indy out of the middle of it.  Indy also enjoys acting like a human and playing video games/watching cartoons/anime. Indy also likes to draw and create comics, which are released every Friday (Indy doesn’t draw the characters, she created them in a puppy maker that someone else drew all the avatars for, and makes the scenarios up herself.)  They aren’t typical pupper activities, but then again Indy isn’t your typical puppers.

Sherlock likes to relax, drink tea, read, people/puppy watch and write.  She likes to meditate especially in nature and to howl at the moon (but not in front of others, it is very private to her).  If there is a puppy mosh, she will watch and make sure no pup gets out of hand, as even though she is a lone wolf. she still considers herself alpha and will regulate when needed.  Sherlock also loves to solve mysteries and has a secret love of watching Scooby Doo when she thinks Indy isn’t watching, and play-acting the episode.

What triggers your headspace(s) the best?

I feel I am always in headspace as my animals are an extension of myself, however a squeaky toy or similar noise making device will certainly perk Indy’s interest.  Sherlock comes when she feels like it, but let a kitters cross our path and she may pop out to say hi.

We saw you have an alpha side. How does that manifest in your play?

My alpha side manifests when the need arises, especially if injustice is afoot.  Indy/Lock are a pretty laid-back and easy going duo and would prefer if things regulated themselves, but if someone is being too pushy then the alpha automatically comes out. Sherlock is ALWAYS alpha and will seldom submit to anypup else (aside from a cute female as previously stated or a kitters...or a bun-bun. Those are definitely Sherlock’s weakness and she will submit to them and protecc with all her wolfish might).

What do you love most about pet play?

What I love best about pet play is it is so versatile!  It evolves with me as I move through my life experiences, and can be what I want it to be. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way (well, there ARE some “wrong” things out there, but as long as you are causing no one or yourself unintentional harm, then I feel it’s OK.  A broad statement and there are outliers, but essentially, if someone plays without gear, they’re still a pet. If someone plays and identifies are several different species, they’re still pet(s), etc.)

I also love how it allows those who are a bit more reserved to play out their personalities or parts of their personalities without feeling judged or weird about it. Something about being in headspace allows us to be free, more free than what our human skin normally allows.  If I had to give up pet play at this point in my life, I would be crushed and certainly unhappy.  I try to keep those around me who I can share my full self with, because I feel that pet play is also a great way to release pent up emotions and feelings.

To keep up with this wolf-pup, follow her social media! Twitter-  /IndyanaBonez

Instagram-  Indyana_Bones

Tumblr- blog/indyanabonezsborks

YouTube- The Pink Puppers 

FB page-  

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