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August 2022 Creature Feature - Lorde Jayne!

The pet play lifestyle is full of so many voices that make it unique and vibrant. To showcase this, every month we will be shining the spotlight on a particular human animal or Handler in our community. Let's hear what makes every pet player special! We love talking to Handlers as well as pets. This month, we chatted with an especially fascinating Handler who loves to bring hypnosis into their play. He taught at our first-ever Pet School event, and we hope you enjoy getting to know them better! Introducing...


An androgynous person holds a pocketwatch, as if hypnotizing the viewer. There is a colorful dotted overlay on the image.

Please introduce yourself and how you identify in pet play.

Hi! I'm Lorde, Professional Bully and HypnoGod. My pronouns are he/they. I am a sadistic, chaotic, domestic animal handler and high-protocol horse trainer. My topspace when playing with pets is handler/jockey but if I'm feeling really freaky I might become an erotic yokai or incubus.

How did you first get into pet play?

I love this answer because it's exactly what Zuck doesn't want: INSTAGRAM. I can't remember when, but a reel of Wiley Wolfe petting a cat, saying NO/YES to a background track of things that should/shouldn't happen in BDSM was my first exposure to SoCal Creatures. I was like, "This seems like a person I want to know," because I liked their Domme style. It wasn't really about pets. Then I went to a mosh and almost left because I had no idea what to do with pups. Luckily, a pet named Erin Piglet turned things around for me. They really made me feel at home in this new space and I can safely say they're the reason why I'm here doing pet play. Like a lot of performers, I have a big sparkly stage personality but I'm also painfully introverted. I feel like Erin Piglet got that immediately and used their piglet persona to break the ice. I realized that pet play could be very touch-centered and instantly fell in love with that.

How would you describe your Handler style?

Rough and dirty handling brings me the utmost glee. I enjoy applying edgeplay to my pet play and am primarily into dark pet play. I enjoy *mistreating* my creatures by playing the role of a sadistic handler or demeaning ringmaster. I like being a bad owner. Maybe I run a shitty zoo or organize dog fights...stuff like that (I love animals and can't even watch Tiger King, don't judge my kinks!) I'm into emotional sadism, mindfuck and physical degradation of all kinds! I wanna push your nose in something. I'm all bite and no bark, though. I don't like raising my voice. I used to be a teacher and am currently a parent, so I'm kinda burnt out on OBEDIENCE. The exception for high protocol handling would be with ponies. Where my ponies at!? I was in 4H as a kid and grew up around farm animals. I love controlling large animals--horses, cattle, etc. because you have to use your mind. Ever heard the phrase "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink?" Not true! You can't even lead a horse to water if they don't trust you. That horse will fuck you up. So, it's such a huge sense of accomplishment to have prey animals trust me. I wanted to be a jockey when I was a kid but then I found out you have to be a cis guy for that and also that horse races are cruel, so I gave up on that dream. As an adult there's a deep desire for my very own My Little Pony to compensate for that. I wanna tack my pony up in the best gear, solder cutie marks on their butt, then jockey them in a race. I'm a poly handler, so you will most likely see me *own* a zoo or herd, rather than a single pup or kitten.

Medium close up image of an androgynous person with cropped hair in a black tank top clutching a chain collar and grimacing with teeth showing.

What do you most value in a pet?

As a Handler and Domme I really value pets who have a firm grasp of their desires and boundaries. A red flag for me is "anything goes." I like when my pets are transparent about their neurodivergence or other specific needs. A pet focusing solely on my desires makes me uneasy. Ultimately, a pet who knows what does and doesn't make them feel safe makes ME feel safe. Win-win.

What are your favorite ways to merge hypnokink and pet play?

I love this question! I like putting subs into their pet spaces through hypnosis right off the bat because it's like changing the radio station quickly rather than waiting for a song to be over. "Now you're a fox!" *snaps* done. That way, we have more time and energy for the actual pet play without figuring out how to *get there*.

Hypnokink is good for people who are shy or insecure about inhabiting their petspace. I like helping pets really deep into their headspaces so they feel free to embody that creature to the fullest; full embodiment really turns me on!

Something that also entertains me is doing sex play with pets. Maybe this pup is going to lick peanut butter off me for 30 minutes without stopping or maybe I turn this kitty into a tribbing machine. I like using hypnokink to (consensually) turn my pets into mindless pleasure servants for my own gain by planting (agreed upon) suggestions straight into their subconscious mind.

A black-and-white medium close up image of an androgynous person holding a pocketwatch as if to hypnotize the viewer. He is wearing a tank top with a black strappy harness over it, and has short cropped hair.

What advice would you have for pet players who want to try out hypnokink for the first time?

First, I would say notice when you are under hypnosis in your real life. There are times throughout the day when we lose track of time/are in the flow state, such as watching TV, driving, painting, masturbating, etc. That's hypnosis. Pay attention to the body sensations that come up when you're naturally hypnotized (hyper-focus/blissed out/tunnel vision) and try to replicate those in play. You can do this by creating a hypnotic suggestion for yourself and then hypnotizing yourself using my self-hypnosis script.

I suggest adding hypnokink to kinks you're already familiar with and like. For example, if you like being a *dumb* pup, giving your brain a break, you can go deeper into that bimbo/himbo/thembo persona through hypnosis.

I wouldn't merge hypnokink with a kink you are unsure about/inexperienced with. For example, you've never done knife play and now you're gonna bottom for a knife top while under hypnosis. Maybe don't?

Lastly, do not use hypnokink under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I know hypnokink and poppers seem to go hand-in-hand but I highly advice against it because 1) it lessens the impact of hypnotic suggestions when your mind is foggy, i.e. doesn't work and 2) consent cannot be freely given, nor is informed when we're under the influence and that's a no-no in all BDSM play.

What do you love most about pet play?

It's fun! I am a big joker and although I can be a serious Domme in role-play, I am not a serious person. Pet play brings levity and fun to BDSM that other types of play just don't. Awards for peeing on the rug? I'm into that! Real life can be so heavy sometimes; pet play feels like an escape. It seems to attract whimsical people and queer people and I'm into both of those.

It's also accessible and feels less cost-prohibitive than other kinks. I've seen pups who wear only dog collars and no other gear and it works. It's cool that we can buy *pet play* gear in any sleepy suburban town with a Petco. You don't have to go to the Stockroom and drop $300 to be part of this scene.

Overall, pet play feels inclusive, fun and progressive. I see a lot of Black and brown people at these events, which is important because BDSM is (incorrectly) portrayed as a white people's game. Gender doesn't seem to be at the forefront like it does in so many other scenes, too. I know a lot of trans and gender fluid people are in the pet community, which is important to me as a trans dude who's still figuring out how to exist in a heavily gendered adult industry. The pet community feels like DIY punks, mixed with drama kids, mixed with abolitionists. I feel at home here.

An androgynous person wearing black and light brown sunglasses holds a pink leash, attached to a human pup in a black, white, and pink neoprene dog hood

To keep up with Lorde Jayne, follow him on Instagram @lordejayne

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