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How Does Our "Adoption Day" Event Work???

Updated: Jan 29

Our next Adoption Day event is happening Saturday, February 11th. Tickets HERE!

These 18+ events are completely unique, immersive human pet play parties designed with pet player matchmaking and guided pick-up play in mind. What makes them truly special is the "Adoption Zone," a booth and system inspired by real bio-pet adoptions, where you can put yourself up for adoption or find your newest pet.

PLEASE NOTE: Sexual play of any kind is NOT allowed at this event, to make it a safer space for newbies.

But how does it work?? Let's walk you through it!


Both Adoptable Pets AND Adopters must now fill out the Adoption Form. In order to either go up for adoption or be eligible to adopt pets, you must do one of two things:

  1. Apply Here to be put on our website’s pre-event Adoption Page

    • By doing this, you will have the option to consent to being contacted before the event for pre-negotiation.

    • You must buy a ticket to the event before you will be listed on the website.

    • You will need to check in with the Adoption Booth once you arrive at the event so we know you’re here!

  2. Come to our Adoption Booth during the event and fill out the Adoption Form (You can do this at any time throughout the event)

The Adoption Form will list things like Species/Breed, Interests, Limits, Details About You, What You're Looking For, etc. If you wish, we will take a Polaroid photo of you on the day of the event and attach it to your form so you're easy to identify. You'll be able to take this photo home with you.

There are no restrictions on who can be part of adoptions:

  • ANY human animal species can go up for adoption.

  • Handlers, littles, and even other human animals are all welcome to be Adopters.

  • You may also elect to be a “bonded pair” or "adopting family" to join forces with friend/s or partner/s!


Once you've filled out your form, you can:

  • Peruse the available pets and adopters to see if anyone catches your eye;

  • (Adoptable Pets Only) Enter the Adoption Zone, a smaller play area where you can interact with the other adoptable pets;

  • Go play or hang out in the Open Mosh Area. If someone is interested in you, one of our volunteers will come get you.

Tell an Adoption Volunteer if there is someone you'd like to meet!


When an Adopter and pet are interested in potentially playing together, you’ll go with the Adoption Volunteer for a “meet and greet.”

The "Meet and Greet" is a scene negotiation between all parties that will be involved, mediated by an Adoption Volunteer.

The Volunteer will ensure nothing is missed in the negotiation process, that the discussed scene is safe, that proper consent practices are being followed.

Once the Volunteer "approves" the adoption, the Adopter/s and pet/s are welcome to go play! You can play anywhere you'd like. Congrats!


After the scene and aftercare is over, the adopted pet is under NO obligation to stay with their Adopter/s. They may go back up for adoption as many times as they want. Likewise, Adopters are welcome to adopt as many times as they want.

Unwanted possessiveness will not be tolerated. Remember, this is about having a good time and making new connections. Have fun with it! :)

Still have questions? Reach out to us via the "Contact Us" page, or email us at We will be happy to help you! Want to read our Event Rules, COVID Policies, Safety, Accessibility Info, and more? Click Here! Ready to Attend? Get Your Tickets!

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