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Hi, I'm Mr. Mike!



May Interested Adopters Contact This Pet Prior to the Event?

No thanks, please meet me at the event!

Looking for...Not looking for long term dynamics. Open to making friends, and having fun at the event.

My Info

Good With:

Pups, Kittens, and Other Human Animals. Open to Littles/Middles, but has little experience.

My Friends Describe Me As:

Couch Potato, Outgoing, Silly, Playful

Training Desire:

I'd rather cuddle and play all day than train

Interests, Limits, & Needs

Favorite Activities/Interests:
Very inexperienced, open to learning and exploring

Interested in non-typical pet play BDSM activities (such as impact, electro, bondage, etc.) at this event?
Rope, impact, electro, wax (iify for this event,but open for the future), sensations

Things I Don't Like (Limits):

Please no honorifics, CBT, brattiness (soft limit, let's discuss)

Safe Words/Actions:

Red = scene over, yellow = check in, green = we are good and please continue

Any Physical or Psychological Needs a Pet should know about?


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