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Hi, I'm Maven!



Pet Age:

6-8 months


Bunny, Havana Rabbit

May Interested Adopters Contact This Pet Prior to the Event?

Yes! Instragram @satanstablesalt

Best for a Home With...

BIPOC, queer, future dynamic, experienced

My Info

Good With:

Pups, Kittens, Other Animals, and Littles/Middles

My Friends Describe Me As:

Couch Potato, Cuddle Bug, Shy, Smart, Playful, Curious, Sweet

Manners & Training:

I want to learn! But I may give a blank stare and head tilt when you speak

Interests, Limits, & Needs

Favorite Activities/Interests:
Crafts that involve yarn, paint or miniatures. Picnics, beach days, baking, movie nights but open to exploring, I’m very laid back as long as my snacks, music & switch are with me.

Interested in non-typical pet play BDSM activities (such as impact, electro, bondage, etc.) at this event?

Yes. I LOVE impact play! Bondage/restraints, electro are also a yes. I’m extremely open to a lot depending on factors like environment, people involved etc. i just require direct/clear communication.

Favorite Treats/Rewards:

Peaches, nectarines, my favorite salads + sandwiches, anything peach, mango or strawberry, bunny plushies, stickers, fuzzy socks, EARS!!

Things I Don't Like (Limits):

Being yelled at, my face touched with hands, dense crowds, kisses on mouth, saliva



How to Know If I'm Unhappy + Safe Words/Actions:

I will let you know if I’m unhappy or I’ll typically get very still and generally disinterested in things. Safe word is Holland

Any Physical or Psychological Needs an Adopter should know about?

I have general anxiety, as a bun I’m usually very quiet and shy unless I’m in a closed environment. And tend to be nonverbal entirely when I’m most comfortable. I’m sensory sensitive but am communicative about my needs. I have a few physical restrictions due to previous injuries and long COVID. Can always explain further but they don’t require any assistance.

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