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Hi, I'm Avi!



Pet Age:




May Interested Adopters Contact This Pet Prior to the Event?

Yes! Instragram @itsaviboii
Discord @placentaeater999

Best for a Home With...

Open to anyone but most comfortable with other trans people

My Info

Good With:

Pups, Kittens, Other Animals, and Littles/Middles

My Friends Describe Me As:

Cuddle Bug, Silly, Playful, Independent, Flirtatious, Protective, Service-Oriented

Manners & Training:

I want to learn! But I may give a blank stare and head tilt when you speak

Interests, Limits, & Needs

Favorite Activities/Interests:
Cuddles, Pets+Scritches, Training and tasks, Puzzle toys/tug of war, discipline

Interested in non-typical pet play BDSM activities (such as impact, electro, bondage, etc.) at this event?

Yes! I enjoy bondage and more thuddy impact play. I enjoy darker petplay scenes as well. With the right person I would be open to a scene involving these.

Favorite Treats/Rewards:

Cuddles, tummy/chest rubs/scritches, praise, scooby doo graham crackers

Things I Don't Like (Limits):

I do not like very stingy impact play. I do not do anything involving needles.



How to Know If I'm Unhappy + Safe Words/Actions:

I like to use a green/yellow/red system. Red meaning we need to stop now, yellow being proceed with caution and maybe talk about changing some things up a bit

Any Physical or Psychological Needs an Adopter should know about?

I have autism and can have a hard time processing words. Please just be patient with me. There's also the chance that i can get overstimulated with all the sounds and sights, so if that happens I will find a way to alert you. I also have hypermobility in my knees, so when i'm playing i need to be careful on them.

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