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Welcome to SoCal Creatures!

We are a family of pet and animal players in Los Angeles with a driving desire to form an inclusive community. We come from all walks of life with a myriad of ethnicities, sexualities, gender presentations, and animal/Handler identifications. We have different styles and enjoy various other kinks, but we have something essential in common: our love for the wild, creative world of pet play.

As you step with us into this exciting world, let's answer some basics.

Our 2019 September mosh at Dungeon East

What is Pet Play?

Pet play is a form of BDSM/kink in which a person, typically in a submissive role, behaves like an animal while another, typically in a Dominant role, acts as the human “Owner,” “Trainer,” or “Handler.”

Because this play typically involves some degree of power exchange, pet play relationships are often structured as a form of D/s. However, play can also occur when 2 or more individuals play as animals with each other, regardless of whether or not a power exchange dynamic (such as Alpha/beta/omega) exists between them.

The most common animals in pet play are pups, kittens, foxes and ponies. However, you can be anything! Wolves, red pandas, bears, raccoons, deers, frogs, lizards, wildcats, hellhounds, birds, dragons, unicorns - the only limit is your imagination.

What does a Handler Do?

The Handler (or Owner/Trainer, depending on the dynamic) typically takes on a caregiver-type role in the relationship. Their primary purpose is to make sure their pet is hydrated, fed, happy, and has a safe space to be their truest animal self.

Similar to other D/s relationships, a good Handler encourages their pet to be the best they can be, and teaches them how to best obey, serve, and act according to their Handler's wishes. In essence, they are responsible for their pet's safety, wellbeing, and training during play.

Wiley Wolfe & Titus Hound teaching Pet Play 101 at Dyke Day LA 2019

How can I play safely?

We will go over this in more detail in a later post. However, there are some basics that are important to cover right away.

Always negotiate before a scene. Discuss limits, triggers, interests, safe words/signals, food allergies/dietary restrictions (for treats), and any relevant medical conditions.

NEVER use real pet food or treats! Feed your human pet according to their human body. Real pet food is not good for them and can in fact be toxic. There are many human foods out there - such as scooby snacks, jerky, goldfish, beef stew, chili, sushi, etc. - that can mimic the "real" experience without being harmful.

Pets should wear kneepads and padded mitts/gloves for protection while playing actively on all fours. Sleeve style kneepads are best.

Handlers should keep a first aid kit on hand at all times. Accidents happen, and it's important to be prepared.

Always practice SCC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) and RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink).

Daddy Row and Pup Papi at our 2019 September Mosh @ Dungeon East

Why do we engage in pet play, anyway?

It's fair to be confused at first. After all, it's not common to see people acting like pets and Handlers, wearing animal masks and playing with toys on all fours. However, there are many reasons why people engage in this lifestyle. While everyone has their own answers, here are some common ones:

SELF-EXPRESSION. Shedding one’s human inhibitions and acting on primal instinct, fully trusting their Handler to care for them, can be freeing and beautiful. It’s about giving you permission to engage in innocent, honest play, as if you were a child again.

DE-STRESS. Letting go of all human problems/worries and just living in the moment as a pet can be extremely relaxing, almost like a form of meditation. It's a way to disconnect from the day's frustrations - for Handlers, too! There's nothing better than coming home to play with or cuddle your pet after a long, hard day.

DISCIPLINE. Training can be a big aspect of pet play. When combined with a power exchange dynamic, learning discipline as a human animal can be rewarding - and a huge turn-on.

OWNERSHIP. Although you don't need to have a Handler to be a pet, some very much enjoy the feeling of being owned and taken care of by their Dominant partner. Similarly, Handlers tend to enjoy the feeling of dominance when they own a human pet trained exactly to their specifications. It is a point of pride and love.

CONNECTION. There are few connections more beautiful and genuine than the love between a biological pet and their owner - and that's a wonderful bond to recreate within pet play. It's honest, it's vulnerable, it's fun, and it's worth working for.

Madame Margherite and her Elite pets at our 2019 April Pride Mosh

We hope this gave you a glimmer of insight into pet play! As time goes on, we will continue to post educational resources about this wonderful kink - such it's history, negotiation practices, scene ideas, ways to deepen headspace, pack dynamics, and more.

Until next time. Awoooo!

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