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Welcome Our New Leadership Team Members!

When SoCal Creatures first started back in March of 2019, it was Wiley Wolfe, Vixen, and our Spokespup, Titus Hound. In early October 2020, we said goodbye to Titus, wishing him well as he resigned from his position and moved on to pursue new personal journeys.

Since then, we have been searching high and low for worthy new additions to our Creature Leadership Team...

And today, we are proud to present that new team to you!


Community Stray

Mystery (she/her) is a Stray Cat, Switch, and Little. As a liaison with the pet play community at large, she will assist us with education initiatives, social outreach, collaborations, sponsors, and more!

About Mystery:

"Hi! I'm Mystery! Well, that's what they call me anyway! I'm a stray, but the cool people in the SoCal kink community named me and welcomed me with open arms. I'm excited to return the favor as the SoCal Creatures new community outreach animal, or as I like to call myself, the SoCal Creatures' Community Stray!

As the Community Stray, I will pride myself on welcoming newcomers into the pet play community, as well as encouraging and promoting a variety of play. My goal is to hold space for the voices and opinions of the pet play community, both new and existing members, and to be a beacon of encouragement for others to feed off of. I can't wait to do my part, and serve this community to the best of my ability. Thanks for having me!"

Erin Piglet

Accessibility AmbassaPig

Erin (they/them) is a demi poly Switch pig, age player, and an invisible illness warrior. They will assist with education initiatives and social outreach while helping us provide an accessible, welcoming space for disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent pet players.

About Erin:

"I'm a demi poly switch that loves being a pig. I have been in the BDSM community for 5+ years now with special interest in pet play, age play, and impact play. I am an invisible illness warrior who seems to always be low on spoons. I love connecting with other pets and handlers and making sure everyone, no matter how many spoons they are at, can feel connected in this community."


Be sure to give them both a warm, tail-wagging welcome! We're so excited to have both Mystery and Erin on board with us, and can't wait to see what wonderful things they bring to our wild little community.

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