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Community Board

Love SoCal Creatures and looking for more communities like ours? Want to find additional spaces specially curated for your unique needs, interests, and intersections?

This community board is meant to serve as a list of other kink and pet play communities for people of various backgrounds and identities. We encourage you to peruse and expand your circles!

Know a group that's not yet listed? Let us know to add it by emailing us at


Bark Nite Party & Barking Billiards (Los Angeles)

Bar/Club-style and Drag events

Open to All Pet Players (male pup majority)

Instagram @barkniteparty @barkingbilliards

BDSFemme (Los Angeles)

Play Party for Cis and Trans Women

Instagram @ladungeoneast

Chronically Kinky Support Group (Los Angeles)

Chronically Ill Kinksters

Run by pups (IG @garnetpup and

Email to get on the mailing list

Cuties (Los Angeles)

Black-owned Queer Virtual Community Space

Some events open to all, some QTBIPOC exclusive

Instagram @cutiesla

Deviant Party (Los Angeles)

All Gender Queer Play Party

Instagram @deviantparty

Iowa Pets and Handlers

Open to All Pet Players

Instagram @iowapah

Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club

Open to All Pet Players

Membership encouraged, though not required

Masters and Slaves Together (International)

Open to All Interested in Master/slave Dynamics

Learn More/Find Your Local Chapter:

MAsT North Hollywood FetLife:

Obsidian (Los Angeles)

QTBIPOC Exclusive

Instagram @obsidian_la

Discord Server link on website home page

Off the Leash (Pittsburgh)

Open to All Pet Players

Instagram @pghofftheleash

Primal Support Group (Los Angeles)

Open to All Primal Players

Run by a Handler/Wolf (IG @wileywolfe)

Follow to be notified of the next meeting

Ruckus Pet Pack (Los Angeles)

Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, and Intersex Pet Players

QTBIPOC-Focused (white/white-passing members accepted at <10% cap)

Must apply for membership

Instagram @ruckuspetpack

Sanctuary Studios LAX (Los Angeles)

Open to All Kinksters, By Event

Dungeon and Community Space

Sherman Oaks Munch (Los Angeles)

Open to All Kinksters

Sin City Pets and Handlers (Las Vegas)

Inclusive Pet Play Group (Open to All)


Instagram @sincitypah

The S Word (Los Angeles)

Support Group for All S-Types

Threshold (Los Angeles)

Open to All Kinksters, By Event

Dungeon and Community Space

QUENCH (Los Angeles)

LGBTQIA+ Kinksters Munch/Meetup

Instagram @quenchla

Email to get on mailing list

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