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November 2020 Creature Feature - Princess Bella Fox!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The pet play lifestyle is full of so many voices that make it unique and vibrant. To showcase this, every month we will be shining the spotlight on a particular human animal or Handler in our community. Let's hear what makes every pet player special!

What could be more fitting for the fall season than a fox?! We sat down with a fantastical vixen this month, and were quickly enchanted by her pet play philosophies and the tails behind her headspace. We know you will be, too. Introducing...


Please introduce yourself and how you identify in pet play.

My name is Princess Bella Fox. I am a red fox born to be the vixen princess and protector of an enchanted coastal redwood forest. I was born with magical powers, and the ability to shape-shift from a fox to a girl. As a fox kit, I was captured by those who sought to control my magic, taken from my beloved forest, and imprisoned against my will. I used my nascent sex magic to outsmart my captors and escape—only to be caught again and taken to an animal shelter by a dog catcher who assumed I was a rare breed of dog! At the animal shelter, I became very sick and weakened by my separation from the ocean, the source of my magic. Luckily, I was rescued and adopted by my Daddy who nursed me back to health and gave me a forever home. Although I am partially-domesticated as my Daddy raised me amongst humans, I am still feisty, mischievous, and have a wildness that can never be tamed. Daddy enrolls me in a secret school for magical pets where I play with my friends and study sex magic, shibari, and blood rituals. I can be found adorned in velvet, gold, leather, and lace amongst books, crowns, roses, and knives.

As a pet player, I am influenced by fantasy, fairytales, and folklore, especially stories about

royalty, animals, vampirism, and witchcraft. My storyline is inspired by Beauty and the Beast. I

relate to Princess Belle’s desire for adventure and attraction to danger. I also draw upon natural history and queer subcultures.

How did you discover that you’re a fox, and what does that identity mean to you?

I have always felt a deep kinship with animals, especially dogs, wolves, and foxes. I spent most of my childhood pretending to be an animal and never quite grew out of it. I joined the BDSM community when I was 18 and became enamored with s/m, which remains my primary

orientation within BDSM. Many years later, I found my fox identity, during a very difficult time

when I felt trapped and powerless by my life circumstances. Red foxes are very wily, tenacious, and adaptable creatures who are able to overcome adversity. As a fox, I found freedom. When I further explored my connection to the species, I related to their inquisitive, irreverent, adventurous, and mischievous spirits. Interpersonally, my fox identity became a way for me to both bring playfulness into my s/m scenes, and experience my d/s bond with my Daddy more intimately. Today, I would describe my sexuality as characterized by the juxtaposition of an attraction to pain, danger, and thrill, and a desire for tenderness, protection, and belonging. I seek partners who are powerful enough not to be outsmarted by a fox with a talent for trouble, but gentle enough to take care of me as a treasured pet.

To me, being a fox coveys the essence of who I am: clever, curious, creative, and courageous. The same erotic energy that underlies my sexuality and animal identity also expresses itself as passion and intuition in other areas of my life.

How, if at all, does other aspects of your identity interact with your pet play?

My fox identity is intimately connected to my queer identity. To me, being queer is about

resisting structures of power and oppression through non-normative expressions of gender and sexuality and enacting new utopian futures through radical love, relationships, and community- building. Pet play, and BDSM more generally, reveals how norms governing gender and sexuality are socially constructed, and therefore can be undermined for collective sexual liberation. By allowing myself to experience intimacy and pleasure in the way I truly desire, rather than forcing myself to conform to gender norms that I do not enjoy, I can help bring about a new future where all can experience their authentic sexuality as a source of joy rather than shame.

I’m gender non-conforming and resent the imposition of gendered social conventions such as

removing body hair, having children, dressing modestly, etc. Red foxes themselves defy human sexual norms and often have polyamorous families with female foxes who embody the role of hunter and protector. I am also very invested in redefining femininity as a source of sexual power. Red foxes are small and cute, but can be fierce and aggressive if provoked. I love my aesthetic as a small predator because it plays on how I’m much more powerful than I appear. People often read my femininity and assume I’m delicate, weak, or passive, when in reality I’m quite fearless and tough. Although I am attracted to all genders, I intentionally orient my life around building better futures for women, trans, and nonbinary people, including being involved with inclusive community-building in the kink community - such as being a part of SoCal Creatures!

What are your favorite activities as a fox?

Cuddle me, pet me, and tell me I’m cute! I love making mischief, swishing my tail as I dance to

R&B, pouncing on unsuspecting loved ones, burrowing in a den of soft blankets, and curling up as a little fox donut at my Daddy’s feet. I can be highly promiscuous as a fox and love giving and receiving pleasure. I am also known to bite the hand that feeds me.

What are your favorite toys and treats?

Red foxes are naturally omnivorous, and adolescent foxes are known to love picking berries. My favorite treats are blackberries, but I am equally motivated by praise, cuddles, heat pats, and forehead kisses. I love warm milk with honey and a dash of cinnamon, or with my favorite herbs, chamomile and lemon balm. I love stuffed animals and squeaky toys, but my favorite game is to steal and hide Daddy’s socks. I am also a little bunny-crazy and will hunt and attack them on sight.

What environments do you find best bring out your fox headspace?

Romance, sunshine, danger, opulence, blood, and laughter warm my foxy heart. I experience my fox identity whenever I feel safe to express my most authentic self. I slip into my fox headspace during daydreams and the warm moonlight moments between sleeping and waking. The sound of soft rain, the feeling of a gentle stream pooling around my paws, and dwelling in forests near large bodies of water connect me to the serenity of my fox identity. Being overpowered, objectified, or held down will bring out my foxy mischievousness.

What do you love most about pet play?

For me, being a fox is a form of sacred self-expression in which I can be my most authentic self. I love the ability to shed human inhibitions and social conventions which are restricting and often maintaining oppressive power structures. The construction of imaginary worlds reminds me of the many futures possible with vulnerability, playfulness, and a little bit of serendipity.

To keep up with this magical vixen, follow her at @princesszorrabella on Instagram!

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