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Hi, I'm Gabi!


Mirror Pronouns

Pet Age:



Domestic Cat

May Interested Adopters Contact This Pet Prior to the Event?

Yes! zapadoodledoo on Telegram

Best for a Home With...

Anyone with a desire to have a good time at the event! (Not looking to establish a long term pet play relationship.)

My Info

Good With:

Pups, Kittens, Other Animals, and Littles/Middles.

My Friends Describe Me As:

Cuddle Bug, Outgoing, Silly, Playful, Gentle, Curious, Independent, Sweet, Service-Oriented

Manners & Training:

I'm a free spirit!

Interests, Limits, & Needs

Favorite Activities/Interests:
If you have any cat toys, please bring them. :) Sadly my own flirt pole is getting repaired right now, but I can provide some string lights for me to chase.

As for toy-free activities we can do at the venue. I like following people as a way of affection. It's fun trying to get attention, cuddles, head-scratches, by meowing, staring, and rubbing my head against people. I love getting my head scratched (My Afro is a highly rated experience.) I'm a cat, so I just need to know you're my person and then we can be close or wander in and out of connection and affection at the event.

Interested in non-typical pet play BDSM activities (such as impact, electro, bondage, etc.) at this event?

Sadly, dark pet-play and sadomasochistic play is off the table for people I don't already know.

Favorite Treats/Rewards:


Things I Don't Like (Limits):

With dark play and sexual play off the table I feel pretty comfortable. Please just avoid any actions that would be abuse to a bio-cat.


How to Know If I'm Unhappy + Safe Words/Actions:

Hissing. Moving backwards upon approach. Speaking in english and saying I'm unhappy or something is a no go.

Any Physical or Psychological Needs an Adopter should know about?


I may be on two legs because I don't have kneepads for comfort outside the padded area. Even if I stand please continue treating me like a cat if we've started a scene.


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